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Shades. They are rarely seen anywhere but the wilderness. they contracted a weaponised rabies virus. they are savage, animalistic and crazed when cornered, if you ever seen them. they are very sensitive to sound and light so hide from humanity in mines and disused bunkers, warehouse and towerblocks they control. however a group have emerged who believe themselves to be tthe future of humanity. they ritualistically deafen themselves and destroy all noisy machinery or the like.

Often clad in black, dark greys and greens they were once hidden but they are now creeping into the inner cities. Whole tower blocks and malls have been made into their homes where they rule with brutal ruthlessness.

Appearance: As they have spread they are donning the clothes they find. Hooded tops to hide their broken ears or industrial headphones, pulled down low to shield their eyes from any light, often with dark glasses or goggles. Trainers (sneakers) to allow for silent passage as even heavy footsteps hurts their tender nerves.
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