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Argothians are non-human reptilian like mutants. Their history is a tad unclear but it is believed that they come from the offspring of a genetically engineered superhuman from Tokai's laboratory and a natural mutant.  

Argothians vary slightly in colour, between and olive green and a buff brown. They walk on two feet with long lizard like faces and tough scales instead of skin. Argothians are usually found in large groups or hives with a matriarchal queen ruiling over particular clans. They are born live though there is only ever one breeding female in a family group.

They tend to be quick and tough but not particularly strong. Argoids have the unique ability that they are able to breath underwater.  They are often able to dominate and influence, without the victim realising it. Argoids also have two venom sacks in their throat and are able to produce a toxic venom similar to the King Brown snake.

"I would rather be punched than have my face spat at, especially if it is an Argothian doing the spitting" General Tokai


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