The Cult of Igog

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The Cult of Igog

Post  Fall on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:00 am

Little is known about the esoteric and arcane religious order that calls itself THE Cult of Igog (sic).   Most of the Cult are human, at least most think they are human as it is usually very difficult to tell what is going on beneath their cowled black hoods. They all wear long black robes, with long black hoods they are forbidden to take off. They are also rumored to have sacred under garments they never removed. Occasionally wanderers in the wilderness may catch sight of a cult member though they are probably more likely to catch the scent of one first, as because of their sacred practices they rarely, if ever wash.

It is undoubted they hold dark secrets that they protect fiercly. Just what these secrets are no one, except the Cult themselves can tell you. It is a wonder no-one has asked.

Cultists have powerful disciplines, but are not usually strong or physical types.

Advantages: +2 Occult
Disadvantages -1 Physical Attribute and -1 Skill Attributes.

Disciplines: Transmundane, Boker and

Raoel and Reanne met a Cult of Igog member by the Bridge of Sinne in New Britain. Reanne was too polite to ask about their order, she never told us what happened to Raoel.

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