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During the Warm War, General Tokai funded a massive amount of genetic research into creating super human soldiers. Tokai's experiments were only partially successful. Sure, the Gesh are strong, sure the Gesh are tough but when Tokai put them to the battlefield the results were unexpected. The Gesh were unpredictable and were just as likely to kill friend as they were to kill foe. They would even kill each other and feast on the bones.

Tokai ordered most of the Gesh to be destroyed, and indeed some were though Tokai's soldiers lost their appetite for pursuing the Gesh upon their leaders death.

The Gesh are a super strong race of mutated super humans. They certainly were not bred to be pretty, they were bred to be strong. The Gesh are often horribly deformed and usually psychotic. They suffer insane rages where they lose control. As a result Gesh survivors nowadays are shunned by all the clans. Not that they wanted to look upon those horribly disfigured faces anyway.

Though most Gesh are strong and tough they are not usually gifted in the intelligence department. The exception is the descendents of Kas, a separate line who were created by Tokai following her initial experiments by interbreeding humans and Gesh. Whilst the descendents of Kas are not as strong as most Gesh they are highly intelligent, though still unfortunately just as psychotic as their pure Gesh cousins.

Of all of her creations Tokai was most proud, and most scared of the Gesh.

Advantages: Gesh gain +2 to Brawl  checks and +1 to Melee checks.
Disadvantages: All Gesh are horrifically deformed and heavily excluded socially. Gesh never have any points in Glamour, and can never have Sex Appeal or Charm above Poor.  Gesh are limited to 2 Mind Points.

Disciplines: Sinew, Moxie and Retinaga

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