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The Nomads are human characters. As their name suggests they travel from place to place, moving in large extended family groups. They are the offspring of people who did not mutate, nor succumb to the many challenges life had to offer following the solar flare.

Whilst Nomads occasionally settle in the city, they tend to be more at home in the wilderness. They often live in Caravans or Yurts, a kind of large round canvas structure. 

Nomads tend to be a good all round balanced character and have no specific weaknesses nor strengths. Nomadic characters do not gain any bonus to attributes but neither do they receive any penalties and a player is free to allocate points as they wish. Their knowledge of plants, woodcraft and herbology is second to none and many of the nomadic clan become healers, traveling from place to place offering medical attention for those most in need. They have good crafting skills though not as good as the Kendrick Dwarves nor Corsaire's Steam Pirates.

The Nomads will often tell you they follow Gothig and the Frix, though many secretly resist Gothigs fascist doctrines and have joined the Rabbel cause. They claim to have no leader aside from Gothig, though it is doubtful, with rumours abounding of a Nomad King or Queen resounding through Gothigs corridors of power. Though they tend to be fairly intelligent, most Nomads are illiterate, with families passing down knowledge orally from one generation to the next.

Perks: +1 Trickery +1 Survival and +2 Medicine

Disciplines: Woodcraft, Animalism and Curata.

Of all the people to walk the world Hebron had walked the longest and travelled the farthest. He took most of his knowledge with him to his secret grave wherever that may be, but what he did not take he passed to his sons, Joseph, Michael and Karrle. They in turn passed it to their offspring and them to theirs. Of all the lessons Hebron taught, survival was the most important.


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