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The Rabbel

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The Rabbel

The rabbel are a loosely kitted allegiance off free peoples within New Britain. They live above the Frith border but below Wild Territory.

Rabbels are a varied bunch, the descendents of survivors of the solar flare and the plague that followed. In a post apocalyptic world they tend to dress in clothes recycled hundreds of times through the years. Their fashion is as varied as their personalities.

Rabbel Politics by Anonymous

We didn't want to follow their rules, we didn't want to die either and neither did the Frix. That was how the treaty of Milton Keynes was reached.

The Rabbel have always been a free peoples, there is no requirement to join, no initiation and no rules to follow. Sure some of us try to set rules but just as many of us try to break them and just try coming to agreement with a bunch of Rabbels. Wea re just normal people, sure we have our skills but we are just survivors that is all.

Treaty of Milton Keynes

The Treaty of Milton Keynes was signed between the Frix and the 12 Rabbel leaders in 2212 at the end of a bitter fight.

The Frix wanted to maintain a system of governance, discipline and cleanliness behind their walls. The Rabbels just wanted the right to live, and not be shot on site by the Frix. The two factions agreed to draw a line across the country at Milton Keynes, dividing the town separating the country and creating New Britain, our saviour. The Frix remained to the south of the border behind their quarantine points, infection tests and security checkpoints. That left the Rabbel free to inhabit what lands they could in freedom North of Milton Keynes.

The Rabbel did not number many, at most a few tens of thousands, descendents of those immune from the virus. However in some Rabbel the virus returns a
later in life, or some Rabbel are born carriers and can pass the disease to those who are not immune. Sure us Rabbel are mainly immune now but the Frix have to be careful, there is no wonder they closed their borders really.

Rabbel Life:

The Rabbel are normal everyday people, they are free to pursue what goals they wish. There are very few laws, though there are customs which govern Rabbel life those thses can change from town to town. From the lawlessness of Grum, to the semi organised chaos of the tradestowns the Rabel are as different in their backgrounds as they are similar in their determination to survive.

Rabbels can often be found drinking in their tavern farming for food, mining for minerals or building somethign useful they can sell. The Rabbel economy primarily trades on barter though each town has its own customs with Ensions valuing coinage more than goods and the rule in Grum being you can keep whatever you take.


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