Welcome to the Tavern at Ridorana

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Welcome to the Tavern at Ridorana

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:01 pm

The Tavern at Ridorana stands in the market square.

It is a dangerous dirty and dingy place but arn't all places in this world now, where soap is a luxury many cannot afford.

The tavern stands in the back corner of the market square, and on a sunny day it's patrons can be sat enjoying ale under the taupalians outside. On a winters night you may want to go down the steps into the bar. A warm welcome and a fire await you, either that or a knife fight with one of the Ridorana locals who has been enjoying their local spirit "Graump", a fierce fire water which is probably toxic.

The tavern is run by the gruff landlord Ivan Bert and his daughter Jenny. On a busy night they can expect maybe 30 patrons, they offer food, accomodation and stabling for horses. They also have a steam generator and can charge items for a small fee.

On a dark and relatively quiet night a small group of locals sit in one corner quietly hatching a plan, a scholar sits at one end of the bar pretending not to notice whilst Ivan is attending to stoking the fire. A stranger walks in...


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