How to Create a Character

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How to Create a Character

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Introducing your new character - Top Tips

Remember the aim of the game is to survive as long as possible.

Your character is all important. It is the body which represents you in the post apocalyptic world of Solar Flare.

The way your character acts, his or her responses to situations and the strengths and weaknesses of your character will determine how the game is played for you.

You will need to consider several aspects to your character including name, race and faction. You will also need to choose attributes and abilities for your character. You will also need to create a back story for your character which can be the longest (and most fun!) part of character generation.

The Solar Flare combat system uses (Attribute + Ability) Dice Rolls in combat.

Your Character Sheet

Solar Flare allows you to keep a character sheet on your profile. When your character sheet is complete you should copy and paste your character sheet into the character approval thread along with your backstory

There are essentially two parts to every great character sheet. The Character attributes (contained in the character sheet on your profile) and the backstory to a character. A characters backstory once approved should be posted on their profile and remain open for other users to see.

Solar Flare allows a wide array of character archetypes and races. You should consider very carefully your character race and class, for each has a different set of abilities.

You can also discuss with a storyteller if you wish to use a pre made character or have any questions.

To Access and Modify Your Character Sheet

It might be worth opening up a new browser. Your username can be found here

Click on your "username"

Click on the “Character” tab You should see a character sheet.

Scroll down to the bottom of the sheet and click !"modify". You can now edit the fields in the character sheet.

Both your ST and you can use this sheet to record information during quests and update the sheet as events occur.

Your Character

Okay so you have found out how to modify your character sheet, what next? Well you need to start your character.

The Character Sheet

Character Name – Choose a name for your character. Try and make this in keeping with the story. No characters names which are blatent rip offs of other stories (No Dracula's Gandalfs or Margeret Thatchers please!)

Homestead - Don't worry about this for starting characters. This is where your character lives.

Race - Select your race carefully. Each race has different skills, disciplines and abilities. Also remember that each race has a particular overall goal.<SEE LINK>

Class - Warrior, Ranger, Scholar, Thief, Druid or Bard <SEE LINK>

Gender – Self explanatory.

Location - Your characters current location in the story, don't worry too much about this for starting characters.

Religion - There are many weird and wacky religions in the world. Are you a member of the cult of igog or the Cainites?


Probably the most important piece of your character aside from their name and backstory is their attributes.

Attribute type:

There are 3 attribute types (Physical, Skill and Intelligence Abilities) detailed in the character sheet. 1 XP would have very little skill that area, 5 XP would be almost superhuman. You can acquire attribute points by completing certain quests and by finding certain artifacts.

If you click on your "username" and click on the character sheet tab in your profile, you will see there are 9 attributes in 3 categories, physical, skill and intelligence. You can modify the table on your character sheet by clicking modify.

You will need to assign 15 points across the three categories, with 7 in your lead category and 5 and 3 points respectively in the other two categories.

Each character must have at least 1 Experience Point in each attribute.

Starting characters cannot have over 3 Experience points (XP) in any attribute.

Choosing Attributes: (7/5/3)

Assign the following number of skill points to each category depending on your chosen class:

Warrior Attributes = 7 PHYSICAL 5 SKILL 3 INTELLIGENCE
Scholar Attributes = 7 INTELLIGENCE 5 SKILL 3 PHYSICAL

So in short you must assign 15 points with at least 1 in each section, and no more than three across the nine boxes. You have to apply 7 to your favorite category and 5 or 3 respectively to the next two categories.


There are three ability types.

Talents, Proficiencies, Knowledges.

Choose the ability type which most reflects your character, e.g. for scholar type characters choose knowledges.

Assign 12 points to your chosen ability type.

Assign 9 points to your next chosen ability type.

Assign 5 points to the remaining ability type.

There is no minimum number of points required. You may not have more than 5 points in any single ability.


Most starting characters do not start with vehicles.

Vehicles have to be found, fueled and may need to be repaired before use. Whilst most characters will not start with a vehicle (the the exception of the Piper race). Other races may acquire vehicles in their quests and may drive the vehicles providing they have the necessary skills and ability required to drive, sail or pilot the vehicle.

 Consumables : If you don't eat you starve! All starting characters start with 0!
 Funds : The currency in the world is grams of metal. Coins are made of copper, silver or gold but virtually anything can bartered for or traded. Starting characters start with 0!

Merits/Flaws Optional - For each merit your character must also choose a flaw.

Health Points Your current health point total (HP). The default for a starting character is 100. If your health points drop to 0 your character is dead.

Mana The number of mana points your character has. If your character class is Druid you start with 1 mana point otherwise this is 0.

Radioactive Contamination This is relevant in one specific quest at this time. If your radiation reaches 30 then you lose 10 HP.


This is the most important part for any new character. Paste the link in to your character backstory thread.

Diseases Your character can pick up diseases which can have a number of effects, not all of them negative. All characters start disease free.

Inventory The place for any artifacts or objects you may pick up.


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