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Each race starts with three disciplines, though new disciplines can be learned as your character progresses through the story.  New characters start with Level One Disciplines. In general there are five levels for each discipline (though it is rumoured there are powerful characters out there with level 6 and 7 disciplines). 

Your discipline will be defined by your race. Be careful of an over reliance on your disciplines as some disciplines, when used regularly over a long period of time can cause negative effects.

To use a discipline simply state you are using a discipline to a story teller. A check will have to be made, and the ST will generally give you the score for that check. Generally you will be required to roll at least a 5 on a d10 for you to be successful in a discipline. Please see the dice roll thread for examples of the results of checks here: INSERT LINK

In order for a character to progress to level two they must have achieved level one in a discipline. In order to progress to level three the character must possess level two and so on. This is not an extensive list of all powers associated with particular disciplines, more may be added as the characters find them within the story.

O = Level.


O -        The character can quell frenzied animals
OO -      The character can encourage an animal to fight for them in one battle
OOO -    The character gains a permanent companion
OOOO -  The character can summon animals to their aid
OOOOO- The character becomes so close to an animal that they become half animal themselves and acquire animalistic characteristics.


Bokor is the power of voodoo. Voodoo is practiced as a main religion amongst some Sky Pirate clans and forms part of the Cult of Igog's ritual practices. Bokor is one of the most powerful disciplines, as a result some Bokor powers require certain rituals to be performed or items to be gathered before the magic can be effected.

O - Talisman of Simbi - The player can create a talisman (providing they have the right items) which causes the character to have a prophetic dream
OO - Ritual Magic - The player can conjour a spirit (providing they have the right items) which allows the character to summon a spirit which will allow the character to remote view for a very short time.
OOO Talisman of Samedi - The player can create a talisman (providing they have the right items) which allows the player to influence another dreams
OOO Talisman of Legba - The player can create a talisman (providing they have the right items) which allows the player to ward off evil spirits
OOO -Talisman of Kalfou - The player creates a talisman (providing they have the right items) which allows the player to bring negative effects down on another.
OOOO - Gris-Gris   - The player can create an image of a person following a long ritual. The player can then cause pain and other effects to them by manipulating the doll.
OOOOO - La Grande Zombie - By administering a potion, the ingredients of which are known to only a few, the character can cause someone to enter a zombie like state, and follow their every command.


Burn is the trademark discipline of the Orak. It allows the manipulation of fire and a high resistance to heat. 

O -       Orakish Oriflame - The character can spontaneously create a small flame.
OO -     Orakish Resistance - The character has an increased resistence to heat for a short time
OOO -   Orakish pyromancy  -The character can store heat for a short time and release it by a touch causing a painful burn
OOOO - Advance Orakish Resistance - The character can resist heat and flame for an extended period of time
OOOOO -Orakish inferno - The character can spontaneously combust and enemy in their vicinity causing significant damage


White magic which allows a character to heal others.

O -      Heal - Allows a character to make a potion which will heal 10 points of damage once a day.
OO -    Healing Salve - Allows a character to make a poultice which will cure an injured limb, body or head over time.
OOO -  Potion lore 1 - The character can make a potion which will cure any curable disease or curable negative status effect.
OOOO -Potion lore 2 - The character can create healing potions, subject to the availability of ingredients which can be kept to heal any player. 
OOOOO - Poisoner - Those who cure can kill. Allows the character to create devastating poisons subject to the availability of ingredients.


Craft is the signature discipline of Sky Pirates. It allows the character to craft objects subject to the availability of the correct materials.

O -             Craft a rudimentary object
OO -           Craft a non complicated small object
OOO -         Craft a non complicated medium sized object
OOOO -       Craft a non complicated large object
OOOOO -      Craft complicated objects


Hydra is the signature discipline of the Argotians. It allows users to breathe underwater indefinitely. There are no specific powers until level six. Rumour has it that advanced practitioners of Hydra can manipulate water and command the waves. Ofcourse this could just be a rumour.


Kaos is a powerful magic. Your ST will give you the full list of Kaos disciplines if you chose this discipline. It is the signature discipline of the Cult of Igog.


Mettle give a buff to dexterity dependent upon level. There are no specific powers until level 6. 


Moxie gives a temporary buff to a physical discipline.

Moxie level:

O -         Gives +1 Strength for a short time
OO -       Gives +1 Dexterity for a short time
OOO -     Gives +1 Speed for a short time
OOOO -   Gives +2 to any attribute for a short time
OOOOO - Gives +2 to all physical attributes for a short time. 


Retinaga is a signature discipline of Gelfs. It allows for super human senses.

O - Night sight -       The character can see at night.
OO - Eagle Eye -      The character benefits from a hyper visual acuity.
OOO- Spectrosight - The character can see outside the usual visual spectrum, for instance ultra violet or infra red.
OOOO - Sensaga -    The character can improve any of the nine senses for a short period of time. 
OOOOO - Sensra -     Improves all senses for a period of time.


Shaminism is a very powerful discipline. It involves drawing power from the earth and releasing it as a form of magic.

O -            Healer - Character can construct healing potions which will heal a small amount of HP if they have the ingredients
OO -          Panacea - The character can create a potion which counteracts negative effects
OOO-         Toxicology - The character can identify most poisons and can create potions which cause damage through poisoning (damage dealt over time). 

OOOO -      Hedge Magic - The character has access to a number of spells through drawing on the power of Wicca. These spells are mainly protective in origin, for instance bindign spells. 

OOOOO -    Earth Magic - The character can access the advanced disciplines of Earth Magic. More information will be given to you when you reach this level.


Silencage is often found amongst Gelfs and Minutae. It is the power to move silently and unseen.

O -         Silence - The character can move silently
OO -       Hide - The character hides effectively from a pursuer
OOO -     Plain sight - The character can hide effectively in plain sight
OOOO -   Disappear - The character can disappear right in front of somebody
OOOOO - Vanish - the character vanishes completely and creates no sound or smell for a short period of time. The character creates a distraction which causes everyone in the area of effect (about 20m to look away) there is no sound at all within 20m of the character, and the character themselves can only hear sounds from outside the area of effect. 


Sinew provides a permanent buff to strength and has no specific powers associated with it until level 6.


Subjugate is a discipline which allows a user to bend another to their will.

O -       Command - Issue a one word command which will instantly be obeyed
OO -     Captivate - The user can captivate an audience
OOO -   Influence - The user can issue a suggestion which may be followed depending on the victims willpower
OOOO - Hypnotise - The user can issue a command which will be forgotten about and follwed at a later stage upon activation via a keyword.
OOOOO -Dominate - Completely bend a victim to your will.


Allows a character additional burglary skills.

O -        Locksmith Level 1 - The character can access through an easy lock
OO -      Locksmith Level 2 -The character can access through a medium difficulty lock
OOO -    Cat Burglar - The character can gain access to difficult buildings and has increased agility.
OOOO -  Locksmith Level 3 -  The character can access through a difficult lock
OOOOO -Cryptographer - The character can access electronic locks, safes and crack breakable codes and cyphers.


Transmundane is magic from the air. It is sometimes called thought magic. It allows users to tell things about an object or person. At high level users can manipulate objects with the power of thought alone. 

O -       Insight - Gain insight into an object.
OO -     Super Insight - Gain insight into a person, learning a secret they may not want you to learn. All this is done just by reading a persons aura. for instance those who have killed are said to have a black aura.
OOO -   Telepathy - have the ability to communicate with telepathically with another over a long distance, providing the person does not block the communication out.
OOOO - Lesser Telekinesis - Move light objects with the mind. Nothing heavier than say a pencil can be moved
OOOOO Greater Telekinesis - Move heavier objects (up to 10kg) short distances and start fires with the power of thought alone.


Twink is the power to increase speed. It has no specific powers associated with it until level six.


Umbridge is a very powerful disciplines. It is drawn from a dark source and is the power to create shadows and illusions in peoples minds.

O -           Amanibrate - Cause shadows to appear to move
OO -         Fear - Create a sense of fear in  a victim for a short time.
OOO -       Illusion - Create an illusion which appears to be real in someones mind
OOOO -     Obtenibrate - Cause a shadow to move with such realism it actually causes damage to a person
OOOOO -   Sucker Punch - Lock somebody into a horrific reality of a characters creation permanently within their own mind.


venom is the signature discipline of the Argothians. By using venemous glands located close to the throat the Argothian can inflict pain and damage.

O -       Painful Bite Level one - Bite a victim releasing a small amount of toxin causing light damage. 
OO -     Painful Bite Level two - Bite a victim releasing an amount of toxin causing medium damage to an opponant
OOO -   Spit - Spit venom causing a small amount of ranged damage
OOOO - Spray -Spray a victim with venom causing heavy damage and blindness until rectified.
OOOOO - Infectious bite - The Argothian bites a victim but this time also releases a bacteria into the wound which will cause a contagious disease to manifest in the victim within two weeks and will cause death over time, and illness to those coming into contact with the victim after an initial incubation period.


Woodcraft is the signature discipline of the Nomads.

O -         Survival of the fittest - The character has the uncanny ability to find a source of food in even the most unlikely of places.
OO -       Carpentry - The character can craft objects from wood. 
OOO -     Enhanced woodraft - The character knows most plants, which will cure and which will poison
OOOO -   Silent step - The character can walk making virtually no sound. this ability can only be used in the forest.
OOOOO - Just a Shadow - The character can blend in with shadows and disappear in plain sight. This ability can only be used in the forest. 



Happy casting!

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