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More a loosely coordinated amalgamation of clans than a race in itself, the Steamers are steam pirates and are the leaders of the Rabbals. Rebelious and with a staunch sense of freedom and rights, Steamer cells battle to defeat the Frix whatever way they can.

Steamers dominate the wilderlands and small villages in the North of New Britain, hiding where needed from large groups of Frix, and attacking where they can using their gurrila tactics. Over time steam punks have embraced some of the Order of Solus's teachings and as a result are able to perform Boker magic. It is said that some experienced Steam Pirate mages have even learned the disciplines of Kaos magic.

Steamers also tend to be very good survivors, and crafters, able to use whatever they have around them to create wonderful, and sometimes weird and wacky inventions in their quest for survival and freedom from an oppressive fascist worldwide government.

In the last 20 years or so Steam Pirates died by their thousands during the Frixes death purges. But they would not surrender, and would not be defeated. They hit back and they keep hitting back. Hard.

They are a diverse group and include members from other races and factions. As a result, unless they are twins, no two Steam Pirates look alike.

"Frik off"   - Typical Steam Pirate quote.

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