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Even before the apocalypse General Tokai's team was experimenting with eugenics, trying to create a super soldier. Eventually, with the GELF's he was somewhat successful. Most of the first attemtps did not survive, and those that did survived for a very short period. The two exceptions of course were the Oraks and Grobs.

Initially deemed unsuitable for soldiers because of their inability to process even the simplest information the Oraks and Grobs both eventually bred with humans by force over the next few hundred years to create intelligent offspring.

The result was a relatively small tribe of refined, but quite shy creatures. Although appearance wise they could hardly be described as human, Oraks underneath it all tend to be more human than a human in many senses. Empathetic and sensitive, these refined individuals try and hide away from the modern world they both fear and hate.

Oraks and Grobs both have a greenish tough skin. Oraks are between 5-6 foot tall where as Grobs are between 2 to 4 feet tall fully grown. Because of their skin both classes have a bonus to dexterity.

Humans tend to fear the Orak, in part because the legacy of the first and second generation Oraks, the violence, and the murder still casts a long shadow. The main reason why humans tend to fear the Orak nowadays ofcourse is because of the Frixes armies of orak type creatures which love nothing better than to feast on the corpses of Rabbels, even sometimes loyal Frix supporters if their commander in chief happens to be looking to other way.

With the coming of the Frix came more captures of the Orak, and the Frix created their own super soldier. Orak produced by the Frix are called Beast Oraks, and tend to be stronger but much less intelligent than the gentle Oraks who breed in small colonies away from human eyes.

At some point around fifty years ago the Orak line split into the Grobs. The Grobs are much smaller than oraks, approximately half the size. They developed their own linieage and cultures but tend to apathetic to the human course. They prefer to use their unique disciplines to create mischief, steal and cause harm to humans.

There are older and fouler things than Oraks in the world, though none spring to mind at the moment General Tokai

Orak Disciplines: , Moxie, Mettle, Burn

Grob Disciplines: Moxie, Thievery, Twink

Beast Orak Disciplines: Sinew, Mettle, Burn.

Beast Orak can have no m

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