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Following the apocalypse the bretons spurned the use of all technology, choosing to return to the old religions and old ways.

Whilst many Bretons remain insular and closely connected to their tribe, some bretons have left their tribes and can be found travelling around in the wilderness or attached to other groups. In their quest to return to the old religions the Bretons have rediscovered many things that were once forgotten. Bretons tend to be of a cheery disposition but are detached somewhat from the real world. What Bretons lack in physical and skill attributes they gain in knowledge abilities and psychological attributes.

They are curiously attached to nature, and will start to suffer if they spend long times in the city or are removed from the Forests for a long time. Whilst the bretons live a peaceful if somewhat isolated life,when the Frix invaded some of their tribes a few years ago, trying to cow the druidic Bretons to his will. Whilst he succeeded with some, many lives were lost, and those that were captured soon expired in their jail cells.

As a result, following what became known as the Welsh Massacre most Bretons are staunchly Rabbel at least in secret. It is runoured that in recent times, the Bretons have resorted to human sacrifice to try and achieve some of the upper levels of magic.

Some scholars believe that Stonehenge, the curious arrangement of stones in Southern England was actually an attempt by the Druids to build a computing device. This is ridiculous, whoever heard of a Druid interested in computers

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