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The magic system is subtle, and hopefully a bit more believable than some. After all this is the world we live in everyday, just nudged to the left slightly.

We use systems that exist, or could be said to exist, in our 'reality'. Shamanism, Bokor (voodoo), Sympathetic systems, Earth Magic, Hedge Magic and the like. It takes time and effort, skill and a knack for it to be any good. Users are often trained from an early age as an apprentice if not born into it. This is not an easy road to travel so make sure you are in it for the long haul and know how to use an knife.

Shamanism. This touches on many of the others and is more a set of techniques. The main focus is accessing the 'spirits' of alll things for aid in your endevours. To heal someone one 'journeys' to the spirit world and asks for assistance for your, and thier, power animal (which you must 'find'. system for that to come but it must connect to your characters personality). 3 planes to the spirit world: lower world, bugs and such. healing. middle plane; us. higher world, mountains, mammals. intellect.
Subset: Technoshamanism. similar use but with sound systems, raves and the like. chars made from animal fur and comp[uter parts. will explain later.

Bokor: Voudon. Channeling the Lao (spirits who ride you and gift you powers). symapthetic magic. burn a doll of an enemy with his hair tied into ti and he feels pain. also control of zombies through potions. (potions made in the UK not through fish but through daterape drugs and some spell weaving?) Baron Samedi et al.

Earth magic. sonte circles. using the energy of the earth. force push, control of the elements, beast control.

Hedge magic. Wicca. Witchcraft. herb lore, healing, curses. often close ties to shamanism.

Kaos Magic. Changing reality to be as you wish it. use of psychadelics (though that is often the case with all of the above). you do not move the cup with your mind, you change to a new reality where the cup was already on the other side of the table. adept users (zonetrippers) can walk into different realities and back again (oh hell now i just made a whole new level of comlpicated. fuck.)
i want zonetrippers in!
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