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Minutae are mutated humans, they are found mainly in New Britain though some have travelled as far afield as New Asia.

Minutae are never more than two foot tall, even a two foot minutae are considered to be tall among the Minutae. They survive by stealing what they can, often from other races. They are physically very weak and with average intelligence. That said, in part due to their small stature and in part due to their disciplines they are the best burglars, thieves and spies in the world of Solar Flare.

They are much more numerous now than in recent years, and they have bred prolifically particularly in the South of New Britain.

“It is often said children should be seen and not heard. Minutae children are neither seen nor heard which often makes it difficult for their parents” From Childcare in a Post Apocalyptic World Charlotte Brown Steam Pirate Publishing 2133


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